Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Astra, Pavey Ark

After a Bivi somewhere in Langdale, we headed up to Pavey. After a warm up on Bracken Clock, which was great! We headed to Astra. I have never been so excited to climb a route in all my life. 2 years of dreaming and i finally got on it. After a bit of route finding issues, it wasn't how i dreamed! Amazing rock and spaced but great runners, and a great position over a hanging prow. The crux soon arrived and i found the hidden *cough* and across i went to belay. Was that it? No desperate struggle? Hmm. Many i was to ready! Shaun Lead through to the top, in great style! Its started to Drizzle once again, so i left the idea of Cruel Sister for another day.

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