Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The GoBetween, Quayfoot Buttress.

28th August 2007

Rematch! my first trip to the lakes back in 2004 had seen me getting Dragged up this route, unable to climb the crux. So 2007, with a few E2's under my belt, I gave it another go. Rob had meet me earlier in the Grange Campsite, were we had some tea. Rob gave the 5b pitch ago and had no problem. My lead! We had a basic rack and only one rope (doubled) due to a break down in communications with Rob, my fault!

A few thin moves and a couple of crap nuts and i was at the crux. I didn't really remember any of it, just that i couldn't reach the holds! I started fanatically looking for gear! Nothing! My Smallest nut (WC size 2) wouldn't go in. My calves soon started to pump. It was getting dark and there was no one to throw me a rope. I couldn't down climb! I laughed at my situation, and moaned to Rob about campsite prices. I stopped shaking, and up i pulled. Pulling pulling that's all it was. I had never been so glad to reach my belay!

I didnt enjoy the route but i learnt a good leason. Always carry Mircowires! I went to needlesports and brought some!

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