Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Niche, Lower Falcon

29th August 2007.

After failed attempts of hitching, we walked to Lower Falcon from Grange. Only having one rope our Options were limited. The Niche had 3 short Pitches, so it was first on the list. The crux first pitch was well protected, i was feeling quite happy, so across i went to the Niche. Ah. No holds! i couldn't reach anything. Back i went swearing! I tried many of a time, but still couldn't make progress. I was getting rather fed up, so just had to go for it. I climbed high and rapped myself around the arete, hoping my Ron hills would save me. No holds to be found, i hung there for about 10 seconds, my Ron Hills gave in and off i went! I exchanged more swearing and up i went to try again. No luck going high so i went lower. With a little bit of tension i felt a hold, i didn't want to fall off again reversing so i followed the line of holds!

I wasn't really happy with this style, but i just couldn't reach anything good. I will have another go! Once in the Niche, i brought up Rob. He didn't want to try it! Poor guy was white with Fear. It wouldn't have been a big swing, but he just was not happy! I wouldn't let him not try it because i knew he could do it! He did do it, first time! After about 30 minutes of talking!

The top pitch was again my lead. I was completely Shagged! Normally a pitch i would love, steep and overhanging i wasn't doing very well! I ramped in a nut in my panic, which i knew wasn't going to come out. That Nut was the end of rob, he was knackered trying to remove it so pulled his way up.

A great route, I just need a rematch!

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