Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Prana, Black Crag.

15th September 2007

What a strange day! I met up with The Tom Ripley. After a walk up to Gable, and then a run down (it was raining) we headed to Black Crag. "Prana?" "yea why not!" After a dig in my sack i discovered i had forgotten my Harness!! Good job it was raining on Gable! I ran to the Fell and rock hut were i was staying, i was told a friend would be staying there all day. She had gone home! Bugger! I ran back up to the Crag, to find Tom had been collecting gear off a busy Troutdale Pinnacle.

Tom had a go at Prana anyway, me belaying him around a tree, After a great effort, he didn't commit to the crux. So after a exchange of his harness up i went. I was amazed how light his whole rack felt, and how many different colours there were! Upto the crux it felt around HVS, (doesnt everything!) but i was sport climbing with Tom's Superb runners! The crux suddenly arrived. On a ledge. A friend i had met in the Peak early that year, Dougy, ( breaking into E2) Was on Grand Alliance. After a grand effort off he went. We were sharing the crux runner, so we just hoped it didn't pull!

My turn and the crux was hard. Maybe 6a would best describe the moves, it was a real shock form the rest of the route. Just pulling, that's all. I wasn't that impressed, it was over after a run out, and a shaky leg to the top belay.

A great day, even if it wasnt very productive!

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