Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Rigor Mortis, Castle Rock.

What an amazing route! It really felt out there! Never a rest nor a "thank god runner" in the whole pitch. Move after move of high quality. The time i had taken on the pitch looking for runners and messing around, had left me in a true state of Rigor Mortis at the belay. Fran seconded in great style and after a bit of trouble with one of my nuts, headed across the traverse, which would be quite bold to second. Fran was on a diet, and hadn't taken any lunch. So his lead proved to be a real struggle but managed it in good time.

We walked back to Patterdale Via Ambleside to get some food. No one picked us up till 2 miles from Patterdale, after walking the struggle in the Dark. A great day, and a route i will remember for a long time!

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Franco Cookson said...

you make me sound much better than i was that day. alternate story- Fran doged up it efforting for 20 mins to get the nut out. then was too knackered to traverse, and nearly died. good story though. I've copied ure idea aswell-http://francocookson-climbing.blogspot.com/
sorry, but its a good idea.