Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Stargazer, HighCliffe Nab

Oh dear! Already lead this one, why not try it again? it was a bit damp and a little cold, but it felt real easy last time! Something wasn't right, i came of high on the crux. The gear was at my feet and it was bomber. The Floor was 30ft away. I still hit it. Fran was a little far back from the crag and was pulled in with my fat weight, plus it was a traverse, so even more slack was out. A shock to both of us really, I had never even struggled on a route with Fran before. After a massive fuss i hopped down to Guisborough with the aid of a few friends. A & E with the Usual Lot and 3 hour weight. Amazingly the swelling proved only to be a sprain. But 6 weeks on writing this, iam still limping. It cracks every time i walk, what a pain! A few Lessons Learnt.

Photo: My first lead of Stargazer, i didn't fall off!! (photoshopped to remove Acne and enlarge muscles ;)


TheOrigionalMe said...

That was quite a tense moment, watching you on those crips!! And the apparent sexy no-top approach works alright too!! ^^ And to to think on your second go, on the next move you have that wacking 8m fall! =D

Ian Jackson said...

Yea next time ill go lightweight again. :)