Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Swiss Route, Les Courtes

10th July

The Weather again improved, so i egged Rob into another shot at the Swiss Route. We stayed in the fantastic refuge d'Argentière. The view from the hut of our intended route, really didnt go down well with Rob, he didn't say much. I knew he wasnt happy, but being a sly bastard, i talked him into it! After a restless night of "Giggling clients" and "Sleep screamers" Rob got up and was kitted up well before me. The Night was worryingly warm, but we climbed to the start of the route, Rob Wasn't happy, and we turned around. I was pretty gutted but it was the right thing to do, i just wish he told me at the hut!

Walking across the glacier you could see the true angle of the Swiss Route, which if we had walked up to check the descent the day before may of been enough to encourage Rob. Next year.

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