Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Through the Looking Glass, Hodge Close Quarry

11th November 2007

After a great dinner, and drinking far to much, left me with a good hangover. Sunday Started with a wet start and we opted for a walk, my ankle wasn't so keen, and with the improving weather i suggested climbing.

After a few navigation errors we arrived at the quarry. It was really cold! The route started well and i was soon at the crux. the moves above were very balancey. Something iam not the best at. Just about at the end of the crux i went to stand in my once handhold and peg. My foot found its way on the peg! One more reach and i had the hold i was after. The above groove was very nice, but i struggled, getting shaky every time i was above the gear. After the last tricky move i was on top. I felt very guilty in the time i had taken, but only received praise.

Ian and Fran soon climbed up in the failing light, I suggested another route. Ian lead Between the Lines. However my headtorch was nearly gone, and so was I in some cases!

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Franco Cookson said...

bloody hell I were Cod. A true epic. Reasonably sustained aswell.