Friday, February 1, 2008

January 2008.

Jananry 2008.

After arriving back home from Australia beginning of the month, and not climbing since Paynes Ford, I wasn't feeling very fit, but not as bad as i feared! A fell race and a couple of trips to Park Nab and Nos Boulder confirmed this. January for me, is a month of getting back into routine since my slip. Serving Fish chips twice and a Pattie, couple times a week, Running couple times a week, Climbing Wall couple times a week, Climbing outside when ever I can, and my lovely Fingerboard when Iam at home. Winter climbing hasn't happened this year yet.

Had a good start to the year with my first E3 (even if it was repeat and dogged!) of the year. bit of a demon that West Sphinx Direct. Reachy, and a scary start. Had a go at getting some good photos, but they didn't turn out very well! When i topped out I was shaking, which proves it was too hard for me! Big Ian lead his Demon, Concaved Wall, and seconded WSD very well. Fran"co" and Dave seemed to be climbing well, better than me. Just needs a bit of time to realise it, and get on there routes!

Dreaming is important in January, planning, scheming and trying to fatten my bank account. Dreaming of what i can achieve this summer, what i would like to achieve, and how iam going to do it. Ive got the time, Ive got the motivation, but, I don't have a midweek partner. Although I love soloing, I know my limits in this activity. I love doing hard moves, but iam no talent, and i often blow these hard moves! Soloing is the obvious option to spend my midweek activities, and i have set myself certain routes i would like to solo, but nothing to scary, you cant jump into the deep end with soloing, which i like to do while rope climbing.

February? More Work, more Climbing wall, maybe another Fell race, and a good trip up North.

Photo: My socal life

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